The existing building is located in a dense urban environment, Villa du Clos-de-Malevart, near the Saint-Joseph-des-Nations church. Currently, this car dealership offers a volume almost opaque and autonomous in relation to its neighbors. Through simple actions, the project aims to tie it back into its context, establishing dialogues with the surrounding urban fabric.
The building and its concrete structure are mostly preserved. The spaces, currently introverted, recover views and light by the creation of two lateral patios which open the building to its context.
The existing half-level system is exploited to create continuous office spaces. Three vertical circulation shafts innerve the floors and structure the space to facilitate its layout (anticipating possible partitions, creation of intimate spaces, etc). The extension above the building is transformed into a glass volume, signaling the renewal of the uses. The roof terrace is planted generously, mixing open meeting rooms and allotments used by the restaurant.

Transformation of a carpark building into an innovative office building and urban logistics center
Villa du Clos de Malevart, Paris 11e (75)
h2o architectes (lead architect) with B52 (mechanical engineer), EVP (structure engineer), VPEAS (quantity surveyor), Impédance (acoustic), Karolina Samborska (landscape)
3 687 m²
Delivered in February 2023