Our action is situated at the crossroads between architectural and urban creation, restoration of historic monuments and building conversions.
The founding architects of the H20 agency all believe in the value of transversality and in a generous thinking process marked by exchange and hypotheses in the elaboration of a project with the client.

To avoid the trap of the “king-project”, we develop for each project a series of scenarios.
These do not necessarily have to be seen as different options or alternatives, but rather pieces of a puzzle that can be assembled (or not) during the different stages of evolution of the project.

The agency likes to think that the solution that is adopted in the end becomes almost “obvious”, even when it has been the fruit of a number of discussions between the different members of the agency and with the client. In all our projects, we are of course very sensitive to major issues such as the environment and sustainable development, issues which we constantly seek to integrate in our creative thinking process. Each project therefore becomes an experimental ground where the drawn line and the word progressively find their place. Depending on the nature of the programs, the projects allow for a balance between spaces where a function is suggested and spaces which openly invite the client to invent his space. This joint approach gives each project a rigorously conceived but playfully free soul.

Europe 40 Under 40

h2o architectes est lauréat du Prix ‘’Europe 40 Under 40’’ année 2014. Distinction Européenne
décernée par The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design et The European
Centre for Architecture, Art Design and Urban Studies à une sélection de 40 architectes
européens de moins de 40 ans.




Wallpaper* architects directory

h2o architectes listed on the Wallpaper* architects directory 2009, a selection of 30 young international emerging practices.




Lauréat des nouveaux albums des jeunes architectes et paysagistes 2009

L’agence est lauréate des nouveaux albums des jeunes architectes et paysagistes, un prix du
Ministère de la culture et de la communication récompensant les jeunes architectes, et destiné à
les encourager dans la suite de leur activité.