The entrance hall of the Assemblée Nationale located at number 128 rue de l’Université, just by the portal of the hotel de Lassay and giving access to the allée de la Présidence is a place of intense circulation in the institution, shared by members of parliament and visitors. The extension and refurbishment project of this entrance has multiplied its initial surface by three; each year it can now welcome 90 000 people with very different profiles, from members of parliament who are used to the place to groups of visitors of the Palais Bourbon or presidential guests awaiting reception. The space was thought out very carefully so as to include all these uses in this entrance to a major institution of the Republic. It was a challenge to create openness and transparency in a particularly tense atmosphere in terms of security after the Paris attacks of January 2015.
A global vision of the space from the street entrance, a fluidity of the visitor’s route, an identity for the architectural treatment and a comfort for the users were all materialized by using a classical a-temporal language made up of black stone, blond stone and wood.

Renovation and extension of the entrance hall, 128 rue de l’Université, French National Assembly
128 rue de l'Université, Paris (75007)
h2o architectes (lead architect), with Unanime (Structure Engineer), GT2i (Mechanical Engineer), Cabinet Votruba (quantity surveyor)
French National Assembly
150 m²
Delivered September 2016