In the project for the restructuring of the museum, the main ambition of was to clarify the volumes and the eras, in order to preserve the genius loci and to reveal the precious context.
Therefore, the challenge was the establishment of a fine dialogue between the transformation, which uses a contemporary language, and the existing historic buildings. In parallel, we studied how all the spaces could be made accessible to the public, allowing us to complete two ambitions with one action. Currently, there is no common floor level. We developed a project that would satisfy the program and the scenography’s demands, while creating a continuous and fluid visiting route.
The roofs play a unifying role in the project, as they bring a necessary clarification to the perceptible disparity of the existing buildings. We aimed to simplify the architectural expression, thus creating a sense of obviousness, and bringing back a serenity favorable for contemplation. The project’s roof renews the architectural identity of the museum and creates a new space in the reception, with its shape and the chromatic pixelization of the flat tile cladding.
At the end of the site, an extension above an existing volume receives a quadruple-pitched roof generating a regular space with controlled geometry. Under this roof, the visitors discover the Monet room, a specific shrine completed by an indirect lighting system which creates a singular atmosphere for these unique works of art.

Restructuring of the City of Vernon Museum
12 rue du Pont, Vernon (27)
h2o architectes (lead architect) with Atelier FCS (scénography), Wanja Ledowski (signage), GT2i (mechanical engineer), Equilibre Structures (structure engineer), VPEAS (quantity surveyor)
Normandie Axe Seine
2 640 000 € HT
1 150 m²
Competition 2019