The R buildings concerned by our rehabilitation project are located in the lower part of the site of the Cartoucherie at Bourg-les-Valence, listed as a Historic Monument. The first phase of the work led by the town and the architect Philippe Prost allowed for the rehabilitation of the principal building with its fine architectural qualities and of the courtyard, which were both in a ruinous state. This important building of our heritage was, in 2009, transformed into a place of creation with the opening of a new major center for quality film animation.


Very active, the Image Center of the Southern Rhône-Alpes region will rapidly need more space. The decision is thus taken to rehabilitate the R buildings located below. Their construction is more basic. Their parallel, stepped implantation follows the natural slope of the ground. Built in successive phases, from as early as 1915, these linear buildings of industrial character offer large volumes which will be preserved by the rehabilitation project.


We sought to preserve the qualities inherent to the existing buildings which are modest yet efficient: a spatial generosity bathed throughout by natural light, a repetitive and simple constructive system. The planning of the different programs was guided by this logic. The halls pierced with bays will thus quite naturally house the working places; the central hall, well lit but without a view will become the living heart of the project, a meeting space for the different companies working there.


The rehabilitation included a complete refurbishment of the outer shell (roof, glass covering and façade). A new unique entrance common to all three halls allows easy access to the different volumes and anticipates the extension envisaged to the South.


Different punctual elements come and enliven the great working spaces. The entrance, first of all, made up of an aedicule whose geometry stretches and extends to the wall and the ground, wrapping visitors as they come in. In this case, rather than confronting the new and the ancient, we tried to create a complementary, coherent whole.

The R1 hall has a mezzanine in the shape of an ellipse which flirts with the existing walls. The R2 hall in the middle, which functions as the common room, includes a great multi-function piece of furniture (counter, benches, kitchen and storage). It is the living heart of the building, a place to meet and share with other creators.

A data-center, the neuralgic center of companies specialized in digital creation, is located at a lower level with all necessary network and technology.

Lastly, a shared meeting room is housed in a shed-like space; a glass wall allows for transverse views across the different working places.

Rehabilitation of the R buildings of the Cartoucherie site (digital film animation studios, open workspaces for digitalized graphic creation, common room, meeting rooms and data center).
La Cartoucherie, Bourg-lès-Valence (26)
h2o architectes with id+ ingénierie
Communauté d’Agglomérations Valence Romans Sud Rhône-Alpes
2 420 m²
Delivered 2016
Julien Attard