Our project is part of the larger reconstruction project of the building at number 310 rue de Vaugirard. The historical site has kept much of its original spirit with its centenary organization around two gardens. The Maison Saint Charles occupies the buildings around the first garden which forms a cloister. The chapel becomes a privileged place of passage for all visitors, and the heart of the new Maison. The arcades are all restored and beautified. The “closed garden” becomes a meeting place, a garden for meditation and perambulation. On the rue de Vaugirard, the building is in keeping with the neighbouring ones yet clearly marks the entrance to the Maison Saint Charles. Lastly, in the “inhabited garden”, the privately owned buildings are disseminated in a densely planted garden with trees. As many remarkable trees as possible were kept. They articulate the link between the different buildings. The facades are treated with natural materials such as wood, stone or tinted concrete so that they merge with the nature present on site.

Intergenerational residency Maison Saint-Charles for a religious, Dominican congregation ; housing of 66 units, conference center and inner garden.
312, rue de Vaugirad, Paris (75015)
h2o architectes with B. Le Moal (chapel auditorium), MOF (back garden housing), Aretec (construction management), Khephren (structure engineer), Prelem (mechanical Engineer), Alto (sustainable certification Engineer), Acouphen (acoustic), ECAU (exterior infrastructure engineer), CASSO (fire security consultant), Phytoconseil (plant health consultant), Christian Fournet, (landscape)
Vinci Immobilier Résidentiel
3 761 m²
Delivered november 2021
Maxime Verret, p13 : Stéphane Chalmeau
Grand Prix SIMI Habitat & Logement Mixed-Use Category 2022