Historically set along the road of Paris (the current Avenue du Général Leclerc), Bois Perrin island is directly linked to the East entry sequence to the city center. Ideally set of the heigh of the hillside, the ground benefits from a double and natural orientation which follows the declivity, towards the Vilaine in the South and the stream in the East. The site witnessed the birth of the hospital de la Motte-au-Duc after the First World War, conceived by architect Jean-Marie Laloy. The hospital is set in an East/West linear organization with a succession of bars which are North/South oriented.

The site, preserved in its original disposition, is the object of reflection regarding its future which was initiated in 2011 through the Regional Health Plan. The Health project of the Hospital Center Guillaume Régnier thus enabled to question the transformation of the entire site. This piece of territory, currently disconnected from its vicinities, represents a great opportunity of built valorization to reorganize the Hospital Center while creating a mixt, and open neighborhood. The agreement focuses on the implementation of a coherent urban project starting with the conception of the project and running to the development plan and the operational phase.

Urbanistic project management for Bois Perrin island, Rennes, located in the North-East quarter of the city of Rennes, and at the North-East of the main site of the Régnier Hospital Center
Ilot Bois-Perrin, Rennes (35)
Ville de Rennes
Maîtrise d’œuvre
h2o architectes (lead architects) with OLM Paysagistes (landscape), OGI (engineering and hydraulic design office) and ID + (technical support)
General contract for the definition of the general planning, including the brief for the public space
Under study