The project takes place on the ground floor of a building of flats, behind a large window looking out onto the Clignancourt street. The office space to create has a single orientation; it is a well-lit, plainly treated volume with a simple geometry. The commission consisted in fitting-out an office space including five identical desks, a common meeting room and shared facilities.
Hypernuit is an agency employing different people as artistic directors, graphic designers and workers in public relations. The refurbishment project had to reflect the dynamic and innovative spirit of the agency with a serene and contemporary space. It also had to include a maximum of shelving for storage, the creation of exhibition walls for the display of photography shows. The schedule for the building works was very tight.

h2o architectes created for these offices a sort of indoor landscape thanks to a play with blocks. These volumes of varied form and size constitute the living space for each person working there. Their adjunction and combination help compose the furniture, the desks, the separation and exhibition walls, the coffers, etc. The different parts were made in a workshop to save time on the building-site. The unitary treatment of the floor and of the furniture responds to the demand of a serene atmosphere. The space is enlivened by the white color of the thickness of the different blocks and of course by the books and objects brought by each user. Each desk benefits from both openness towards the shared space and a more private area which can be modeled by a play with void and volume.

Fitting-out of offices: 5 desks, meeting room and shared facilities
72 Rue Clignancourt, Paris 18e
h2o architectes
Private, Hypernuit
Shorlisted for the 2014 ArchiDesignClub Award
62 m²
65 000 euros HT
Delivered January 2013
Julien Attard