This project is conceived on the scale of a mixed, porous island, crossed from one side to the other by a large, communal garden. This group of buildings, with a majority of accommodation, along with commercial premises and offices on the “Hébert” site, located in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, seeks to fulfill expectations in relation to quality of life and daily use, both at the individual and collective scale.
The base is aligned with the street and opens onto wide passageways. On each level, the volumes are independent to offer views and sunlight to each façade. The whole complex is connected by a vast network of interior passageways conceived as extensions of the accommodation. Numerous other spaces and services are shared to encourage encounters and enable everyone to come together to create a “collective” at both building and block level. Each accommodation displays volumes and proportions which facilitate the appropriation of the spaces by its inhabitants. They are all walk-through, with private or shared outdoor spaces from two-roomed apartments and larger ones. Generously opened on the outside by means of glass windows, this group of buildings is designed to be porous, opened on shared spaces and capable of generating encounters between its inhabitants (botanical rooftop terraces, sport and resting areas…). Turned onto its environment, the project features a large area of green land at the heart of the block, interconnected to surrounding green spaces by alleyways.

Creation of a mixed-use program (99 housing units, 77 coliving units, 80 student housing units, offices and business space).
Quartier Hébert, Paris 75019
25 097 m² sdp
Under Study
Construction using bio- and geo-sourced materials. All homes above T2 are walk-through. RE 2020 seuil 2028