The agency was commissioned to rethink a garden pavilion and to transform it into a young bachelor’s patch. To maximize the spatial possibilities of a relatively small home, we decided to change the perspective and instead of trying to fit furniture into the pavilion, we tried to transform the pavilion into a piece of furniture! This instantly lifted all the problems one is confronted with when trying to rehabilitate such a small space.

To create a house-like piece of furniture is a real solution to storage problems. The furniture itself architecturally defines the spatial boundaries. Thanks to 3D computer work, the agency was able to build a great thick unit reaching three-quarters of the height of the pavilion in which are included shelving, storage, a living room, a toilet unit, a work-space and a bed. This solution coupled with a treatment of space in half-levels liberates new surprising surfaces for the living-room and the work-space.

With renewed pleasure at newly-found comfort, the owner of the pavilion will be able to access the three levels of storage and find on his way up different possibilities for a useful stop (to wash, to work, to sleep…). To emphasize the idea of a single piece of furniture, the unit is treated with a single and unique material: birch plywood. From the outside, nothing can be guessed of the spatial surprises inside!

Refurbishment of a garden pavilion
Chatou (78)
h2o architectes mandataire avec Cabinet Virtz économie
Winner project of the International prize Total Housing by Storefront for Art & Architecture, and Actar Publishers.
24 m²
70 000 € TTC
Delivery september 2007
Stéphane Chalmeau