The Chapelle-Charbon sector is part of the Grand Urban Renewal Project of Paris North-East. At the large scale, the site is currently cut-off by railway lines, the Boulevard des Maréchaux and the arrival of the future Grand Paris Express line. However, it will host a 6Ha park, which will allow an East-West porosity between Porte de la Chapelle and Porte d’Aubervilliers. This park will eventually form a qualitative planted front for the future building facades, on 300 meters.

This extraordinary situation encourages the development of a virtuous, ambitious urban project. The projected buildings will maximize this “park effect” from their positioning to their urban links, to the heart of the homes. The buildings complete existing apartment blocks of the Zac Evangile, built in 1992. These buildings currently turn their back on the site. Their quality in terms of exterior spaces (balconies, loggias, terraces) are taken as objectives for in the future buildings. They will be built entirely in timber, with high ceilings on the ground floor, insuring an adaptability of programs which will accompany the gradual transformation of the site.

A school is positioned at the extremity of the park, offering shared services on its roof. A building acts as a link with the rue des Prés, to the North-West, and forms an articulation, in terms of scale and program, at the edge of one of the future park entrances.

Frame-work agreement for the collaborative urban planning and landscape design of the joint development zone Chapelle Charbon
Paris (18th Arrondissement)
SPL Paris & Métropole aménagement
h2o architectes, Base paysagiste (leading landscape architects), Grau, EGIS ingénierie (road and utilities) and Sennse (concertation and communication)
Enclaved site, energy transition challenges: Climate, Air and Energy Plan, preservation and valorization of the resources, collaborative project dynamics
35 000 m² of built program and 13 500 m² of public space
Under study