The Reuilly barracks represent an important land hold within the dense urban context of the 12th arrondissement of Paris. The objective was to define the potential of the site as well as design a volumetric plan of the rehabilitation of the barracks including new constructions and a vast public garden, to the scale of the neighbourhood.

This refurbishment project should allow for the building to acquire a new permeability throughout the block; it will also include shops, leisure and activity spaces and a public equipment such as a kindergarden. The project builds the site’s periphery, working on its direct relationship with the street: several through-roads are thus opened at street level. We produced a very precise work on urban morphology to link existing elements and help stitch together the very diverse parts of the urban fabric.

More autonomous ensembles were created as a response to the demand for housing with both controlled and free rent. They will become the responsibility of different private property developers within the general refurbishment project. This is a long-term project and our team is responsible for its general coherence and coordination. The different buildings of the project will be entrusted to other architects, as well as the design of the central, public space.

Refurbishment, rehabilitation and urban densification of the site of the Reuilly barracks in Paris’s 12th arrondissement. Social and family housing with controlled and free rent, shops and leisure
34 rue de Chaligny, 63 bd Diderot, 20 rue de Reuilly, Paris (75012)
h2o architectes (lead architects) with id+(engineer), d&h paysagistes (landscape), Miguel Mazeri (anthropologist)
Paris Habitat
General contract for the definition of the general planning, conception of the public space.
Built 40 000 m² sdp, Public Space 5 000 m²
Delivered 2021
lot A - LIN Architects, lot B - Anyoji Beltrando, lot B1 - Charles-Henri Tachon, lot C - NP2F + OFFICE, lot D/E - MIR architectes, lot F : Lacroix | Chessex