Saint Fargeau (built in 1904) is one of the oldest industrial sites of RATP in Paris. The modernization of the trains requires the construction of a space-efficient maintaining facility, and thereby offers the opportunity of creating a new program at the heart of the 20th arrondissement of Paris. Nowadays landlocked and inaccessible, the transformation and requalification of the site will make it reachable for the public who will benefit from the gardens and the service, while being able to see and understand the infrastructure of the railway.
This project, initiated by the modernization of the metros, lead us to operate on a 50 years horizon, so as to resiliently and ambitiously propose a global project on-site for 2070.
The site will integrate a maintenance facility, RATP premises as well as an accommodation program, early childhood facilities, local businesses, production workshops and a big garden for the neighborhood.
The equipment of the site is a precious industrial heritage, exceptional in Paris nowadays. If the construction of the new Metropolitan Transportation Network and the densification of the urban island will necessarily lead to the deconstruction of a high number of its components, that we will seek to preserve whenever possible, by reprogramming them to match the features of the future site.

Reprogramming of the Saint Fargeau site: maintenance facility, nursery equipment, local business, production workshop and public garden
Paris (20th Arrondissement)
RATP Real Estate
h2o architectes (leading architect) with Le Sens de la Ville, OLM, 360, S2T, OGI, Casso & Associés, EODD, VPEAS and Altia Acoustique
Valorization of industrial heritage
15 730 m² (surface of the plot)
Under study