Created in 1925, the Ursulines Studios soon became the first artsy cinema in France. Today, it is still a major cinema venue for young Parisians, offering a wide and very diverse choice of films.

The renovation of the main entrance room and entrance hall took into account the history of this innovative and avant-garde place. The existing space, despite its small surface, must allow for the welcoming of visitors, adults and children, the sale of tickets and the organization of evening events.

All the original dispositions are preserved and even purified: large oval-shaped ceiling, metallic showcases etc. The project groups these functions in one central piece of furniture, liberating peripheral space for circulation in the hall. Fluidity of movement for visitors is greatly improved.

The piece of furniture slides open according to necessary uses: closed, it can be used as a counter; open, it can be used as a ticket booth; the lower parts open up to offer benches and tables for children. It also hides a number of useful little shelves and niches. All the other services are included in the lateral walls: storage, bookshelves, coffee machine, electrical control board etc. Adults and children can use the furniture according to their needs.

The design is simple and contrasted. The furniture is black tinted medium which slides on a metallic base which is, itself, mobile. All technical equipment (telephone, till, printer etc.) is hidden away to ensure the purity of the playful volume is preserved. The hall is thus in perpetual change and perfectly adapted to the different moments of the life of the cinema.

Refurbishment of the Movie Theatre Ursulines Studios
Paris (75005) - F
h2o architectes
Studio des Ursulines
Lobby 40 m², Room 140 m²
65 000 € HT
Delivered october 2011
Stéphane Chalmeau