The Fabrique has always been playful. It plays with its appearance, at times closed and protective, often generous and open. It also plays with materiality, a precise shell, chiseled and durable on the exterior, it reveals a warm, comfortable and undulating interior. Its shape invites us to discover, experiment, analyze. It is both simple and composite.
This pavilion is destined to be used by the SLHS University students, and will be built in the old arsenal site. The initial idea was to propose a shelter to experiment and build new teaching techniques and knowledge outside of traditional classrooms. Therefore, we designed a warm space which allows, at any moment, to create an pleasant atmosphere which encourages work, no matter where the pavilion is installed.
The Fabrique establishes a dialogue with the public space. A space of informal interactions, of exchanges and discoveries. It is a landmark space where knowledge is created, where educational techniques and transmission methods are sharpened. It is a repository and a transmitter.
The Fabrique manifests its activity, its facades deploy according to use. Its grand inclined facade opens to form a forecourt, its transparent envelope slides to enhance the link between inside and outside, making it adaptable depending on the context and the season.
The geometry of the pavilion itself forms a protective shell. Its semi-circular heart creates a protective space, while its open arms launch the user towards the exterior. It is a sort of megaphone, announcing the Fabrique’s presence to a larger public. This form also allows several possible assemblages, in a logic of future expansion.
The pavilion has a great capacity of adjustability, and the space can be organized in different ways. The removable forecourt gives the pavilion flexibility and it can adapt to all kinds of events (experimental space, café, exhibition space…)

Hybrid, modular, temporary, polymorphous and multi-purpose amenity, serving as Maison Universitaire de l’Education. Living space, co-working, experimentation, co-design, exchanges, event and rally accompaniment.
Besançon (25) point de départ, puis multiples
Maîtrise d'oeuvre
h2o architectes mandataire avec Bollinger & Grohmann (bet structure), VPEAS (économie)
Maîtrise d'ouvrage
Besançon Rectorate
Mobile pavilion, modular and evolutive, fast installation, simple, adaptable, multi-purpose and frugal.
60m² and expandable
Under construction