The city of Evreux launched a competition to rethink the urban planning in the historic centre of the city surrounding the cathedral. Today, this district is fragmented and chaotic : confusion of uses, multiplicity of boundaries, heterogeneity of materials, loss of historic markers. Developing the existing network of public and cultural equipments at a larger scale, the project aims to offer a greater readability of the area while still maintaining a diversity of places and situations.

The project seeks to establish a balance between diversity and unity. A large urban esplanade links the cathedral building to the rest of the town; this space is also shared by cars but whose speed is limited. On the south side, an orchard garden is punctuated by sculpted terraces and open spaces where can take place all sorts of public, urban activities: children’s games, open-air drama, music and exhibitions, etc.

New functions emerge thanks to the new development along the ancient Gallo-roman wall: urban passage, museum extension, walkway alongside the canal, etc. The site is thus less isolated and the cathedral plays a more active part in the urban activity.

Urban public space around Evreux cathedral
Evreux (27) - F
h2o architectes with Michel Desvigne Paysagistes, France Aires (Exterior infrastructure engineer)
City of Evreux
4 Ha
2 080 500 € HT
Delivered 2014
Julien Attard