The project participates in the articulation of the entrance sequence to the castle. The design starts at the gate, an invitation to the reception, and deploys along the project, ending in the tier seating, a link between the garden and the high court. The semi-circular building, simple, without artifices, establishes a dialogue with the curve of the moats. The double-pitched roof, with its ridge tangent to the perimeter wall, offers a simple reading of the volumes. It extends and forms a canopy, inciting the visitors to enter, to take advantage of the services and to buy their ticket.

The project is positioned on the ancient building’s foundations. The roof of the project is set at the same height as the ramparts, discrete among the existing constructions. Therefore, from the bridge, the roof is barely visible. The facades, mostly glazed, allows one to look through and easily apprehend the space. The roof extends further than the plan to create a generous canopy at the entrance. The envelope is inset, to facilitate the circulation between the moats of the dungeon and the construction.

The high court garden is freed from its stone dump and becomes a green lawn with a path along the moats. The access from the bridge is preserved, paved in the same way as the original. On the other side, we propose timber tier seating which encourage the appropriation of these spaces by the visitors. Their orientation offers views to the dungeon and towards the horizon and their position creates a soft leveling between the two existing levels.

Construction of a reception space, ticket office and boutique at the entrance of Dinan Castle
Dinan (22)
Classified as Historical Building
Mairie de Dinan
h2o architectes mandataire avec Barbanel, bet fluides, ssi - Novam Ingénierie, bet structures, vrd et économiste de la construction
Delivered May 2020