The project is inscribed in a logic of continuity with the surrounding planted areas, while creating a strong integration in its urban site. We propose a fragmentation of the building into several articulated volumes in order to create a real place in the heart of the plot. Giving access to the homes and the common spaces, an important urban and social factor, this central void represents a real green buffer for the homes. At the scale of the neighborhood, it generates true porosity, favouring flows and visual breaks between the existing housing buildings to the North and the green spaces created at the South of the plot. The dissociation between the car lanes and the “soft-mobility” lanes is respected at the scale of the neighborhood, and permeates the internal organisation of the plot. The homes are accessed from the periphery of the site, by a transition route from the adjacent constructions. The project of the rue Vauban participates in the city of Versailles’ identity. Its buildings, with varied shapes and materials are integrated into a landscape defined by its biodiversity and a residential neighborhood. The buildings are made of massive structural stone which continues into the pitch of the roof. The car park is located in the basement directly below the buildings which allows for a central garden and a perfect distribution of each of the vertical circulation cores of the buildings. The volume facing the street welcomes the day-care center for 30 children, at ground level, with a protected courtyard along the street.

163 housing units including 52 social housing, nursery for 30 children
Rue Vauban, Versailles (78)
h2o architectes (lead architect), IHA (associate architect), Michel Desvigne Paysagiste (landscape)
Kaufman & Broad
19 698 000 € HT
9 380 m²
Competition 2017