Despite its modest size, the building appears like a colored light-house in the heterogeneous context of the street. It embraces its corner-position; its shape following the street angles and its generous windows opening onto all sides.
Previously hosting the Literie Universelle company headquarters, it was complementary of the production spaces located at 27 rue Garibaldi. The rehabilitation and extension project aims to reinforce its status as a domestic yet singular building. The project includes the restoration of the existing building, and an extension above it, which follows the outline with a slight offset.
The extension is built with a timber structure (floors and load-bearing elements in KLH, facade in classic frame structure). This construction system makes the addition lighter, and speeds up the process (4 days of assembly on site for all the prefabricated elements).
To each extremity, the extension’s shape is given special treatment, to connect it with its neighbors while creating quality in the orientation of the apartments.
Here, it is less about establishing a dialogue between old and new, and more about giving strength and coherence to a new composition, while being particularly attentive to uses.

Transformation and raising of an office building into 12 social housing units
Corner building at rues Marceaux et Garibaldi, Montreuil (93)
h2o architectes with id+ ingénierie
Immobilière 3F
1 360 000
2018 International Prize for the Conversion of offices into housing
880 m²
Delivered October 2018