The project is part of a more general refurbishment project. The idea is to articulate the visitor’s entrance sequence from the entrance gate then following different successive stages up to the garden in the upper courtyard. It is conceived of as an integral part of the refurbishment programme of Dinan Castle. We chose to create a dialogue between the entrance building, the surrounding defensive wall and the different remains. Work on the roof accompanies the volumes of the chimneys to integrate them in the space of the building. More than a constraint, this becomes an event. The maximum height of the building is given by the surrounding defensive wall as well as by the minimal ceiling height allowed for the exploitation. The roofing forms a canopy to invite visitors to enter, to use the facilities and to buy tickets. We chose to build the project against the existing wall, in the spirit of ancient constructions. The work on the volumes, however, confers a self-standing autonomy to the project. It adopts a rectangular and deliberately simple plan so as to prevent adding visual complexity to an already complex site. The entrance building is part of an entrance sequence between the upper courtyard, the main tower, the defensive wall and tower. The garden of the upper courtyard, freed of its function as an archaeological quarry, becomes a pleasant lawn which is prolonged along the moat. We suggested a principle of platforms to facilitate the use of these spaces by the visitors. These platforms include benches. The terracing allows seating for around 40 people. Its fan-like distribution offers a view on the main tower and to the horizon beyond.

Construction of an entrance pavilion, ticket office and shop at Dinan Castle
Château de Dinan (22)
Maîtrise d'œuvre
h2o architectes (lead architect) with Barbanel (Mechanical and Sustainability), Sertco, (structure, civil engineer and quantity surveyor)
Maîtrise d'ouvrage
Ville de Dinan
Castel and outer wall Classified Historical Monuments
115 m²
Competition 2016
Montant des travaux
250 000 €  HT